Pelago Commuter Front Rack


Length 310 mm 290 mm
Width 330 mm 220 mm
Weight 1,2 kg 1 kg
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Max load capacity
(platform, side, side)
20 kg
(10kg, 5kg, 5kg)
20 kg
(10kg, 5kg, 5kg)
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Pelago Commuter Front Rack



Pelago Commuter Front Rack adds to the versatility of a bicycle, providing a possibility to carry load in the front. The design of the product allows for various ways of attachment using bungee cords and straps.

The platform is ideal for carrying boxes, camping gear, a skateboard and other objects that you find ways to attach. The side rails on the stays can hold a pair of panniers for even more cargo. Compared to a rear rack, a front rack provides a higher visibility and reachability of the load while riding.

The racks are made of stainless steel and are available in two sizes and two finishes – polished silver and black.

The platform can hold up to 10 kg and the sides up to 5kg each. Recommended maximum load for the rack is 20 kg in total.


*The platform is attached to the front brake hole in the fork’s crown and the stays are attached to rack eyelets, fender eyelets or a 10 mm hub’s axle. To install a rack onto a hub’s axle, the axle should have appropriate geometry and enough thread to fit the rack’s dropout between the fork dropout and the axle nut.


Note that the rack includes a bracket, that can be used to mount a lamp to the rack.


You can find the assembly instructions for the Commuter Front Rack from here


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